Dear readers and friends,

Today I’m writing to let you know that this will be the last post you'll see from us.

The decision to close our doors was not easy, as we feel like we’re at the height of our success in the Omaha market — at least in the way we define it: from the connections we forged between other members of the industry, the awareness we brought to important topics and projects, the readership we built across numerous platforms, the relationships we formed with clients, and the quality of our content we produced in a competitive media landscape. (Lookin' at you, Cynthia Gonzalez, and your empowering words anytime our paths crossed! And Jeff Beals, you've been such a gem.)

We’ve always felt like Omaha embraced us with open arms and supported our vision. Our problem was never the lack of clients or readers or discussion topics or market activity; It was simply the business model.

Our intention was to monetize news in a different way than traditional news organizations. Rather than buying advertising, our clients paid us to help them produce content on a monthly basis. These articles explained each company’s story, its leadership’s perspectives on the industry, and the vision behind the projects underway across the Omaha metro. Our team continuously researched the best ways to target our clients target markets across numerous platforms whose algorithms changed seemingly daily. We worked diligently to provide our clients analytics to help our clients make smarter marketing decisions. We still approached our paid content from a journalistic perspective, and although paid content only accounted for 5 percent of our total content, the model was simply not sustainable, nor scalable.

So while our website and company as you know it will soon go dark, my focus and passion remains unchanged: to create quality multimedia journalism within the commercial real estate industry. This isn’t the last you’ll hear from us, and I hope you’ll keep in touch as we pivot to new endeavors.

We truly appreciate the support we’ve received. If you’ve read our articles, shared our social media posts, attended our events, met with members of my team, offered a news tip, helped us forge connections, or shook our hands at a groundbreaking ceremony or networking event, please know that we’re forever grateful.

Until next time, please keep in touch.